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Our Artists:

Anzabi, Aziz
Begay Wilford
Belleuse, Albert Carrierr
Bonheur, Rosa
Bonnard, Pierre
Burr, George E
Chagall, Marc
Chiparus, Demetre
Cosgrove, Stanley
Daumier, Honore
Davidson, Allen, Pinx
Dodge, Frances Farrand
Dubois, Paul
Eaton, John
Ekman, Harry
Favreau, Marcel
Feininger, Lyonel
Fiore, Peter
Fortin, Marc-Aurele
Foster, Arthur
Fratin, Christopher
Gagnon, Clarence
Gaucherel, Leon
Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marce
Gelena, Giovanni
Gilbert, Allen
Giles, Jeramie
Giskegaard, Margareth
Giunta, Joseph
Good, J. W.
Gransow, Helmut
Gromme, Owen
Guillermo Lorente Perez
Handy, Theresa
Hannaford, Charles E
Hardy, Thomas Bush
Fredrick Hart
He, An
Incised, Acoma
Johnson, Catherine
Jones, Albertus
Kamihira, Ben
Kirkby, Ken
Labelle, Fernand
Lautrec, Henri Toulouse
Lindahl, Joseph
Lucioni, Luigi
MacLauchlan, Donald Shaw
Matisse, Henri
Max, Peter
Mene, Jules
Miro, Joan
Moreau, Auguste
Muneret, Patrick
Nutting, Wallace
Palmero, Alfredo
Picasso, Pablo
Poirier, Marcel
Poor, Henry Vernum
Pope, Perpetua
Renoir, Pierre Auguste
Rollins, Jo
Russel, C M Charles
Aly El Sohby
Spalding, Elizabeth
Ta-Coumba, Aiken
Lidya Aaghia Tchakerian
Tewa, Faron
Thompson, Elizabeth
Tobiasse, Theo
Trifiro, Cristina
Vezina, Regis
Weber, Christian
Ward, William Jr.
Windisch, Etienne J



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Chagall's lithographs (1960), Bible Series

Click on images to enlarge! Images are copyright of their respective owners, assignees or others

Click on some images to enlarge! Images are copyright of their respective owners, assignees or others

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In 1931, art dealer Ambroise Vollard suggested to Marc Chagall (1887-1985) that he undertake a series of illustrations of the Bible.  Chagall agreed and worked on these hand-colored etchings over a 25 year period until all 105 were completed and published by Teriade, successor to Vollard, in 1957.  

In taking on the task of illustrating the Bible, Chagall undertook one of the most monumental printing projects ever attempted.  The 105 plates were the largest number Chagall had done on a single subject.  In addition, pictorially and dramatically, the works are more complex than those found in his previous sets of etchings.   The illustrated scenes come from twelve books of the Bible and the majority depict scenes from Genesis and adhere closely to the Biblical text.  

Chagall is one of the most successful artists of the twentieth century.  He came from a large and devout Jewish family.  Born in the small Russian town of Vitebsk, Chagall studied art in St. Petersburg and Paris.  In 1923, Chagall fled the Soviet Union and settled in France where he began working with the Parisian art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard.  

Chagall’s approach to the Bible is one that focuses on the intense encounters between God and humanity.  Each image tells the story plainly and poignantly.  Curator Jean Bloch Rosensaft, of the Jewish Museum in New York notes that the series “brings together the mature artist’s spirituality and childhood’s fantasy through the sophisticated artistry of the master printmaker.”


Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise Land, 1960 Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit, 1960  Ahasuerus sends Vasthi away, 1960 Boaz wakes up and sees Ruth at his feet, 1960 Cain and Abel, 1960
Creation, 1960 Esther, 1960 Eve is cursed by God, 1960 Hagar in the desert, 1960 Job in despair, 1960
Job praying, 1960 Meeting of Ruth and Boaz, 1960 Michal saves David from Saul , 1960 Naomi and her beautiful daughters, 1960 Paradise, 1960
Paradise, 1960 Rachel hides her father's household gods, 1960 Rahab and the Spies of Jericho, 1960 Ruth at the feet of Boaz, 1960 Ruth gleaning, 1960
Sarah and Abimelech, 1960 Sarah and angels, 1960 Tamar, beautiful daughter of Judah, 1960 The Face of Israel, 1960 Untitled (The cover of Bible), 1960






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